Preliminary drawings of Doodles.

Meet Ruffus, he was the first gift we brought home for Brody as an infant during my pregnancy. He sat inside the crib with the handmade motocross bedding until Brody was born. 

During the initial preliminary drawings, I really wanted to put him in the storyline, so we gave Ruffus an alias and that was how Doodles was introduced. In his black and white doodle, Ralph created a wonderfully sketched image of the real stuffed dog we loved.

Ruffus, that little fuzzy, matted doggy had become quite tattered within the first few years, he traveled all over with us wherever we went.  Locally, softball games for sissy and motorcross races for brother, daily errands, grocery and clothes shopping. He drove in the motorhome back and forth to the dunes many times and on many holidays and occasions he went to visit relatives across the United States. He always found a cozy spot right with Brody wherever we went. 

He has been on airplanes, in several airports, and traveled in cars and rental cars many miles.

Traveling to Hawaii,  many cities in California, Utah, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Arizona and of course back to Nevada.

He comes with us for book signing events and still he finds Brody's pillow at the end of a busy day to rest his floppy head.

Never underestimate the love and power of the fluffy animals that you see children dragging along, tattered, torn, well loved, roughed up, dirty, fabric and fur that gives a sense of security. It's a fabulous journey of love and comfort, a first real friend to call their own.

Sewing on Ruffus' right arm.

‚ÄčAuthor Christina Willis

Ruffus after a hard day at an event.