​Author Christina Willis

Baja Brody is a wildly fun little boy with a bigger than life imagination! In his delightfully, playful world everything comes to life. 

His exciting adventures always include a pocket full of keys and two of his very favorite toys. His orange Baja buggy racing car and of course his wonderfully adorable sidekick Doodles the golden floppy stuffed dog. He never leaves home without his soft cuddly buddy in hand.

Baja Brody has several lovable preschool friends that join together to decorate his daily adventures. Best friends Mia, Jo Jo, Willy, Oliver, and Ryssa all bring attitudes of epic proportions all in the name of fun in their coming adventures.

We look forward to sharing these adventures with you our readers. Parents please sign our guest book so that we can let you know when we are adding new adventure books, games and Baja Brody merchandise for purchase. In addition to Brody’s reading corner there will be a blog, fun coloring pages and many more activities to play along and share with your friends and family in Brody’s fun zone. 

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